The Starlight Roof

In Arizona there are many places that when the sun goes down it's possible to watch a heavenly light show, one that is rarely seen in cities where bright lights drown out the night sky. Arizona night skies are so enchanting.

Arizona's night sky is a spectacular scene, sprinkled with an abundance of glittering stars, planets, and nebulae. Arizona is one of the best places on the planet for star gazing. 

Many of the constellations like Andromeda, Scorpius, the Big Dipper as well as many of the planets - Mars, Saturn, Venus, and others await your gaze!

Haze-free, cloud-free skies make stargazing possible most nights of the year, and The transparency of the desert air which, because it is free of humidity, increases visibility. The next time you plan a vacation to Arizona, bring your telescope.

Great Stargazing Places

Kingman, Arizona
Kingman is a great place to live with majestic sunsets and sunrises, and night skies full of bright stars.

A great resource for Kingman is the High Desert Astronomy Club that meets regularly under the stars to enjoy the majesty above with fellow amateur astronomers.

For all these parties, dress WARMLY!  Bring more clothes than you think you will need.  You can always take them off if you are too warm, but you can't put them on if you didn't bring them.  Cold weather generally means better viewing.


Sierra Vista, Arizona
Sierra Vista is also known for its amazing stargazing. Their atmosphere and climate make it ideal for sky watchers.

Stargazers can get away from the city and explore the night sky wonders at Patterson’s Observatory in Sierra Vista.

Sunglow Ranch in Pearce is a nature lover’s paradise surrounded by the arrestingly Chiricahua Mountain. They offer vibrant views of the sky for free.  Astronomy pads are available by reservation.

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon National Park is famous for it’s night skies. On nights with a new moon and no extremes in weather, you can gaze at the Milky Way casting it’s bridal veil over the dark sky with breathtaking clarity.

On nights with a full moon, Grandview Point is your best vantage point. Photographers can easily get incredible photos.

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